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I’ve read many of the stories
I’ve watched the old news reels
I find it difficult to comprehend
These feelings that I feel

Three years and seven decades ago
War was forced on Paradise
December Seventh, Nineteen Forty One
Japanese Zeros filled the Hawaiian skies

They came from the east and the north
On that peaceful Sunday morning
Their bombs devastated Battleship Row
As they attacked without warning

The battleships Arizona and Utah
Were manned by young men strong and brave
Now they serve as an eternal memorial
A hallowed, solemn, watery grave

I know without a doubt
Old Glory does not wave because of the wind
She stands out proud and strong
From the last breath of brave young men
This poem was written while visiting Hawaii and Pearl Harbor.
Got Milk?
I was in the bareback riding that Saturday night
When before me unfolded the dangdest site
A contest to see who could first get milk from a cow
My memory is slowly coming back to me now
Rick and I were hunkered along the fence, the way cowboys do
This ought to be fun, ‘cause there’s bound to be a wreck or two
The cow that exploded out of chute number one
Had her mind made up, there’s gonna be no milking done
The brindled she-devil came out breathin’ fire, with nostrals flared
Rick and I decided real quick we needed to get the heck outa there
With her head down low she ran down the fence, like a run-a-way train
Behind her cowboys were falling from the sky, like a summer rain
Faster than Superman, like a squirrel on speed I climbed a light pole
In vain I searched for my good friend Rick’s body in the carnage below
But Rick was on the pole above me and I still ain’t figured out how
We both escaped the wrath and pain of that kamikaze cow
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“Baa Humbug” Jake said to himself
As he put on that bright red Santa suit
Nobody cares about the meaning of Christmas
They’re all just after the loot
A bit dismayed that a pillow wasn’t needed
To make the red suit fit right
He hitched the Belgium’s to the buckboard
And rode away into the snowy night
He delivered presents to kids he knew
Wouldn’t get any because times were tough
The little smiles could melt his cold icy heart
The kids could easily see through his bluff
Sometime around midnight the snow piled so deep
The old mares could no longer advance
The thermometer was dropping as fast as his hopes
He knew he didn’t have much of a chance
He remembered a verse from the family Bible
“You shall reap what you sow”
“I know I’m just an old cowhand Lord,
But I don’t want to die in a big ol’ drift of snow.”
Then the clouds parted and a star lit up the trail home
A smile appeared on his old face, so weathered and worn
For he knew it was the same star that guided three wise men
That night long ago when his Savior was born
Kenny Phipps

Just A Cowboy

“Papa,” my grandson said
As we rode across the open range.
"I saw something on the TV this morning
That I thought was a little strange.

“Down there in the Gulf of Mexico
Oil is pourin’ into the sea,
And they were interviewing a rock star
And asked him what his solution might be.

“Just ‘cause he can sing a song
And has a million fans,
Don’t he need oil and gas
So he can fly his jet around this land?

"And what about that sport’s hero,
Telling us how he would stop the war.
Wasn’t he arrested for beating his wife
In front of his kids, ages two and four?

"That actor who played that famous role
For which millions he got paid.
Everything he knows about foreign policy,
He learned from a fictional character he portrayed.

"So why do we listen to their voice,
When they don’t really have a clue?
They don’t know more than you or me,
Or the guy who nails on our horseshoes.”

Lane,” I said to the kid,
“I’ll tell ya something that’s sad but true.
Ninety percent of the American people
Don’t have as much sense as you.”

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